CEPYME 2023 Award International Development

About 11 years ago,  PCEX Automotive

began its journey in international sales, mainly in Africa and the Middle East, by building a logistics network with the aim of consolidating marketing in these territories. Thanks to this international strategy, the Alicante company has managed to expand to the rest of the continents, already being present in 38 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Exceeding 40 million euros in turnover during 2023, 33% more than in 2022.

The international wholesale distribution of original automotive spare parts was a risky business, but all the effort invested in this bet, such as the creation of the B2B sales platform, for example, has seen its fruit being awarded for the second consecutive year at the CEPYME awards. On this occasion the gala has been chaired by King Felipe VI, who with his presence expresses his recognition of the figure of the small and medium-sized businessman and self-employed person and their contribution to economic and social progress and job creation. Last year, was the award for Digital Transformation, on this occasion the company founded by David Santiago, has been recognized in the SME International Development category for implementing a notable internationalization strategy among the national business network.

“Internationalization has been the essential strategic focus for PCEX, accounting for almost 100% of our annual turnover. This requires an entire team fully dedicated to this type of markets, with high training to carry out the different procedures in these territories”

Says David Santiago, CEO of PCEX Automotive.

In each of the countries in which PCEX Automotive operates, it implements commercial strategies supported by the results obtained in the different markets, making necessary adjustments according to the characteristics of each territory. But not only does it stand out in its international development, PCEX Automotive is firmly committed to digital transformation, innovation and constant learning as essential tools to face future challenges with guarantees of success.

In short, PCEX Automotive projects itself as an international company that works to expand its borders and position itself as a world leader in the sale and distribution of original automotive spare parts.

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