Specialised in markets with high barriers to entry.

As we all know, not all countries and continents are easily accessible when we try to do business there. Betting on those with high barriers to entry is a risk, a challenge, but also a great opportunity.

Traditionally, within the original automotive aftermarket, one of the cornerstones to achieve better performance in these markets was the support to automotive trade fairs. A día de hoy esto sigue sucediendo, encontrarnos cara a cara con clientes y proveedores es un buen método para afianzar relaciones. However, the ways of acting have changed. Nowadays, internationalisation and access to this type of market must go hand in hand with digital transformation. One of the basic pillars of our business that allows us to access this type of countries is digitalisation through, among other tools, our B2B platform.

Entering new markets and consolidating our position in existing ones.

From the very beginning we started working in markets with high barriers to entry. The African continent was our focus and we have continued to expand there. Little by little we have been gaining ground as suppliers of original automotive spare parts in this type of countries, with major alliances in Algeria and Morocco, for example.

However, we are going a bit further, we want to continue to enter new countries and grow as a company within them. Our strategic focus in this regard is on Latin America, where we are already present in Chile and Ecuador.

We continue to work on these lines of business to achieve our goals and objectives. Internationalisation and digitalisation are part of our DNA and it is clear to us that without these key aspects it would be impossible to continue growing as a company.

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