What are original spare parts?

In a dynamic and changing activity such as the automotive industry, it is essential to adapt, to know the market and to adapt to its habits, its operating methods and the trends it follows. Therefore, vehicle parts depend on these changes and it is the corporations that also have to adapt to their new work methodologies in order to ensure the correct functioning of the entire supply chain. In this sector and, within it, in the field of spare parts, there is a wide variety of products, classified by quality, formats, brands, performance, etc. It is true that we are generally able to distinguish several types of spare parts independently of these factors (original, alternative, aftermarket…). All of them are marketed and are alternatives when it comes to repairing the vehicle; however, there are differences between them.


Alternative or equivalent quality spare parts are characterized by being similar to the original ones, however, the product warranty has not gone through the standards indicated by the original car brand. On the other hand, the manufacturer of the specific part does affirm its warranty by following its production methods and proving its safety.

The quality of this product, therefore, will depend on who produces it, so it may vary depending on the entity in charge of it.


This type of car parts are those endorsed by the car manufacturer. They have their own production protocols and are governed by its standards, so they will be identical to those that the vehicle originally carries.

In this case, the quality will be exact to the original because no third party is involved in the manufacture of the vehicle part.

Regardless of the type of spare part you use, it is important that you make sure you have a brand that provides sufficient safety, with the correct quality standards. There is a great variety of both original and alternative or aftermarket spare parts in the market, this is one of the reasons why it is important to differentiate each of them in order to acquire the one that suits your needs.

In short, the original or genuine spare part has the authority and backing of the original vehicle brand. If you want to keep your car with the exact parts it had when you bought it, this is your best alternative.

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